I’m back loves! It’s so so good to be back with a new and final abode. If you’re with me since I was in Tumblr and Blogger, you’ll notice that I am really, like really, hoping from another platform to another one which causes my readers to get confuse as to which is really which. I’m so sorry guys.Those were the days when I was really experimenting and exploring a lot of things.

Back when I was on Tumblr, I want to establish a place where all my blog entries were posted. So I designed and tweak the code to meet my expectations but I ended up wanting to be on WordPress again. There’s this urge that I badly want to be on WordPress. So, I went back, deleted my previous WordPress sites, and started a new one.

I am planning to move some of my entries from Tumblr to here but not now for the meantime. I decided to give my blog a new face, new aura and new environment. My previous blogs were really confusing because I don’t know yet on what topic would I talk and write about.

Travel, Food and Musings; that’s what my new blog would be about. This will be a mixtape of the three. I don’t want to venture on a one topic because I love the other two topics so why not choose the three, right?

Color Palette (f7d1d1)


From a dark themed blog, I transformed this into a chic and girly place.


  • Search bar
  • An excerpt about me
  • Instagram feed
  • My Twitter tweets

A newly added navigation for my social accounts was located at the upper right of the page.

There! New home and new blog for keeps. Hope you’ll enjoy, learn and won’t regret hoping in my blog.

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