Hi! I’m Jessa Mae for short, JM. A 19 year old ambivert who rather stay inside her room contemplating about herself yet sometimes goes out with friends to have some fun. My whole body is living here in Cebu but my mind is travelling outside the world.

I love everything stated in the photo above but there’s more than that. There are too many that I can’t even fit it there. I play around with designs, words, filters, contrast & exposure. I find it very disturbing when something won’t end up the way I want it to be-well, it’s common right? 

I am an introvert, sometimes and extrovert but most of the time an introvert-still boils into being an introvert. I easily cry after an emotional and touching ending of a movie or a story or a scene.  I chase the sunset but can’t catch up with the sunrise.



I was really hopping from another platform to another platform but still I ended up back staying at WordPress. Home!


I love writing letters but never sent them to those persons whom it may concern. Also, I don’t want to name it like it would make you think that it is a fashion blog or a travel blog or a beauty blog or etceteras.

I want this blog to be my place, my home away from everything, my comfort, my friend and my companion. Every posts that I would be posting here would not really just be specifically about my little trips or my fashions or my beauty tips.

This haven will be a mixtape of my musings, lifestyle, little trips, food trips and anything that pops out– with sense of course.


Hi Loves! Don’t hesitate to drop me some questions, comments, simple hi/hello or email me regarding anything. I’ll be happy to have some chitchats with you!